Tips To Fish Winter Trout For Beginners

When the weather is cold, it sometimes easy to forget about fishing and want to stay home in a warm house. Not to mention that trout are not as active in colder weather, and the fishing might be slow. But for anglers who are willing to brave the elements, winter trout fishing can be well worth the reward!

In order to have any kind of success while winter trout fishing, there are a few simple tips that you should follow. If you follow these tips, not only will you catch some fish but you will stay safe and have fun while doing it!

  1. Slow it Down

During the winter months, everything with trout slows down so you need to do the same. The fish are not near as active, and will not chase down food like they might in the summer. To combat this problem, stick to nymphs and dead drifts. This is the best way to put your lure right in the face of the trout. You want to get your fly as close to the fish as possible, ensuring that they have to work very little in order to eat. If you do this, you are much more likely to get a hit. 

  1. Size Down Your Gear

There aren’t many major insect hatches during the winter, but subsurface flies such as stoneflies and midges work well. Try to imitate these flies, or at the very least fish with something on the small end in order to produce the best results. In addition to the flies, try keeping things like indicators and tippets as light as possible as well. A thick line or a large indicator could tip off fish when they are already being stubborn, making them harder to catch. 

  1. Explore the Tailwaters

Another tip has to do with where to find trout on a cold winter day. Tailwaters that are released from dams generally stay consistent in temperature year-round, trout will be here year-round as well. If you can explore and know these waters before the winter, you will already have a head start on where to get started. Just be warned, however, as other winter anglers will probably be fishing these waters as well and you may have to share your fishing hole. 

  1. Get Some Sleep

Our last tip will probably sound pretty good, and that is to sleep in and not worry about rushing out to fish first thing in the morning. The best times to fish for trout in the winter are in the late morning or early afternoon, so there is no need to be there at the crack of dawn. Trout are sluggish in the cold weather, so by going out in the warmest part of the day you stand the best chance of having the most fishing action. 

Final Thoughts

Fishing for trout in the winter can be a little bit of a challenge, but it can be very rewarding to try out. By following these simple tips, you can start to see much more success on your next trout fishing adventure!

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