Major Tips on How to Bow Hunt Woodland Caribou

Caribou are some of the most plentiful and easy to hunt animals in North America, yet they often go under looked. A woodland caribou hunt can give you a fun, action-packed adventure in some beautiful scenery. So how do you go about killing one of these animals with a bow? Here are some major tips on how to bow hunt woodland caribou!

1. Learn Their Patterns

Many big game animals will develop specific patterns, such as where they eat, drink, travel, etc. If you can observe and find these patterns, you can have much more success. Caribou are no different and will have certain patterns that they stick to. Woodland caribou, unlike other species, do not migrate and as such will develop more patterns than most. They will generally stay in the same area for much longer than other caribou species will, giving you an opportunity to figure them and their habits out. If you can figure them out then you are in a great position to successfully stalk and harvest one with a bow and arrow.

2. Bring the Proper Gear for the Hunt

Woodland caribou live in dense, wet environments, so prepared to have every piece of gear that you bring soaking wet at some point or another. For this reason, try bringing two of everything. Being able to change out into dry clothes while your other wet pair dries can be invaluable on a caribou hunt. It should also go without mentioning, but a high-quality set of rain gear is also important as well. This will help you to stay as dry as you can, especially during a storm. But when you do inevitably get wet, it sure is nice to have a change of gear at the ready! Other gear items like quality optics, boots, and backpack are also highly recommended and will make your hunt much more enjoyable as well.

3. Hunt the Right Time

One of the greatest things about Woodland caribou is the ability to hunt them during the fall when it is nice and cool. While you can hunt them earlier in the year, most hunting is done from late September to mid-October. This means that the bull caribou are rutting and they are much more active throughout the day. This can easily lead to seeing many more caribou during your hunting trip. It also means that the insects are gone thanks to the cooler weather. Both of these things together add up to be a great time to be in the woods chasing caribou with a bow and arrow.

Final Thoughts

While woodland caribou might not be the most popular animal in North America to chase with archery equipment, it can easily be done and for a great price. If you bring the right gear and hunt the right time of year, you can enjoy some of the finest caribou hunting that this world has to offer! For more great ideas on how to fish and hunt from the experts, check out the awesome articles on our Bradley Smoker Hunting & Fishing Blog for more great tips & tricks.