7 Steps to the Perfect Hunting Campfire

Starting a campfire is as primal as it gets. For ancient man, a fire provided things like warmth, protection, light, and a place to cook food. While fire is no longer a vital part of our existence, it still has a power that attracts us to it and no hunting trip is complete without a fire. 

Knowing how to start a campfire is not only an important skill to learn if you are an avid outdoorsman, it can instantly make any hunting trip much better. Here is everything that you need to know and a few items that you will need to properly start a campfire!

1. Clear an Area

If your campsite has a designated fire area, use this first. If you are camping in more remote areas that lack fire sites, you will first need to make your own. Find an area that is away from things like trees, bushes, or other plant material. 

2. Create a Fire Bed

After you have cleared an area, place some dirt in the center of the area. You can also place large rocks around your fire area in order to prevent the fire from getting too large. 

3. Gather Fire Wood

There are three basic types of wood that you will need to gather in order to start a fire. These are tinder, kindling, and fuel. Tinder is the most important when first starting a fire. Next, you have kindling. Lastly, you need some fuel. These are the logs and branches that most people think of when you think of a campfire. 

4. Lay the Fire

Laying the fire simply means setting up your wood in a way to easily start the fire. There are several different ways to do this. One of the most popular is called the teepee fire lay. This is made by first placing your tinder in the middle of the campfire site.

5. Light the Fire

Now is everyone’s favorite part, lighting the fire! Use your fire ignition source to light the tinder first, being careful to give the flame plenty of air and helping it to grow larger and larger. Use and tinder or kindling as needed. 

6. Build Up the Fire

Keep helping the fire until it can comfortably stay burning on its own without constantly needing any attention or help. Slowly use larger and larger pieces of wood until you grow it to the desired size. 

7. Put Out Fire Completely

When you are finished with your fire, make sure that you put it out completely. Use water and earth in order to put out any flames and hot coals. When you think you are finished, use your hand to feel for any remaining heat. If you feel the heat, keep adding water until you don’t.

Final Thoughts

Making a campfire while out hunting can not only help keep you warm, but it can really help raise your spirits. The next time you are out on a hunting trip, remember these seven simple steps in order to help you build the perfect campfire! Don’t forget to check out the Bradley Smoker Blog For Expert Hunting & Fishing Tips Year-Round!