3 Crazy Strategies To Hunt Monster Black Bears

Have you ever wondered how some bear hunters seem to always find and kill the biggest bears year after year? It always seems to be the same group of guys who are consistently killing monster black bears, while other hunters seem to have trouble even finding a bear, let alone kill one. So how do they do it? If you are asking yourself this, then you have come to the right place. Here are three crazy strategies that expert bear hunters use in order to kill monster black bears.

1. Scout More Than You Hunt

The most successful bear hunters will spend the majority of their time actually scouting, and not hunting. They spend every free minute that they can out in the bear woods, trying to soak up and learn as much as they possibly can. With more scouting, they know where the bears are, where they will be, and what they are doing. Bears can and do roam around a lot, so it is extremely important to understand where you stand the best chance of running into them. Even for those who bait, the most successful bear hunters are checking and refreshing bait stands, setting up new ones, and getting to know their areas better. If you ever want to kill a monster black bear, then you need to get out and do plenty of scouting well before the hunt.

2. Hunt Until Dark

While being alone in the dark woods with bears around might sound a little scary (and foolish) to some, it is very important to hunt right up until the last minute. The biggest bears will often start moving around in the final moments of the daylight. By using quality optics and a little patience, you can find these bigger bears as they start to come out for the night. Take a few precautions when hiking out of your area in the dark, but don’t be afraid to push your hunting right until the last few moments of daylight!

3. Use Scents (Where Legal)

If it is legal, the use of scents can greatly improve your chances of seeing and killing a bear. While attracting a bear to your location might seem a little unnerving, it can provide the best opportunities for clear shots. Try spraying some scents such as sweet-smelling lures or attractants on a nearby log or stump, and sit upwind of it. On a day with a nice breeze, this smell can travel for miles and if there are any nearby bears in the area, they will smell it. This can be a great strategy for thicker areas or where you cannot use your optics as effectively.

Final Thoughts

Hunting big black bears often mean putting in plenty of work both before and during the season. But if you use these three strategies, you can put yourself in a much better position to finally kill that big bear of a lifetime! For more great ideas on how to fish and hunt from the experts, check out the awesome articles on our Bradley Smoker Hunting & Fishing Blog for more great tips & tricks.