Quick Fishing Tip Sheet: 15 Great Lures

Many anglers can agree that among all of the fishing lures that are out there, some simply work better than others. When it comes to things like durability, popularity, availability, and how well they catch fish, some lures just seem to be a cut above the rest. 

Here are 15 of these lures, why we like them, and how they can help you become a much better fisherman!

1. Zoom Brush Hog

zoom brush hogs

A staple among bass fishermen from coast to coast, this plastic lure can easily be fished using a Texas-rig, a Carolina-rig, a jighead, or anything else you can assemble. This lure almost single-handedly created what we know as “creature baits” in soft plastic lures. 

2. Rapala Shad Rap

The Shad Rap by Rapala might just be one of the most popular lures here on our list and for good reason. This lure has revolutionized crankbaits and being able to use them with light lines and spinning tackle. 

3. Roboworm Straight Tail Worm

When it comes to drop-shotting and being able to catch bass that are being finicky eaters, few lures are as good as a straight tail roboworm, especially in a pink or red color. Although incredibly basic and simple, it is very effective and deserves space in any tackle box. 

4. Original Chatterbait

Although it got off to a rough start, the chatterbait quickly grew in popularity after it helped secure a big tournament win in 2006. After that, the need for vibrating lures exploded and it has remained a staple ever since. 

This video goes over the seven main categories of lures used for fishing.

5. Snagproof Orginal Frog

Designed to imitate frogs, this lure is a topwater bait that gets the job done but was unique in its design because of its snag-proof hooks that hide in the body of the frog. This design keeps this lure much more popular than hard body topwaters and is a go-to for frog lures. 

6. Rapala Floating Minnow

This lure is almost over 75 years old, so you know with that kind of track record it produces results! It is available in many different colors and designs to suit every angler’s needs. 

7. Skirted Jig

Jigs are a major player in lure selection for many different types of fish, especially bass and panfish. The skirt helps hid the hook and they are very versatile. 

8. Spinnerbaits

Able to cover a lot of water quickly, the shining and vibrating blades of spinnerbaits make them one of the more popular choices for anglers. 

9. Gitzit Tube

A tube bait that is meant to resemble a dying fish, this lure really doesn’t have much to it. But they are extremely reliable and easy to fish with. 

10. Hula Popper

With a long history, this topwater lure is designed to create as much noise and commotion on the water as possible in order to attract fish. 

11. Yamamoto Senko

Arguably the most popular lure on our list, these soft plastics are so easy to use that they are almost impossible to use incorrectly.

12. Strike King Deep Crankbait

Strike King Deep Crankbait

This crankbait was specifically designed for deep diving and can be fished in even the toughest conditions. Sometimes you have to go where the fish are and this lure helps with that.  

13. Rebel Pop-R

Popper lures are made to make plenty of noise and vibrations on the top of the water, and this one is one of the best at doing it. 

14. Plastic Fluke

Flukes are soft plastic lures that resemble baitfish, and while they are most popular with saltwater fishermen, they have plenty of merit in freshwater too. 

15. Rattletrap Jerkbait

Rattletraps are made to be as noisy as possible, which in turn attracts predatory fish. Combine that with a jerk bait, and you have a lure that is irresistible to fish. 


No matter what lure you end up deciding to use, all of these can easily provide you with some great results. Find what best suits you and your style, and give it a try!

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