10 TOP Timeless Pieces of Hunting Advice

Hunting is an exciting adventure that you can’t afford to miss when the season opens. It would be best if you prepared well for the exercise. It is heartbreaking for you to bypass the shot because of the lack of application of several vital tips for successful hunting. Most veteran hunters are aware of these tips and can advise you well about hunting.

The following are 10 TOP Timeless tips that new and seasoned hunters must follow to have a successful hunting season:

1. Be slow, and lay low.

Hunting requires you to be slow and lay low, not to scare your game away. Animals have a strong sense of danger, and if you go banging, you will scare them, forcing them to run away. The sound from a snapped twig can quickly alert the prey that you are nearby. You should move slowly enough and keep a low profile. Stopping will help you to unwind from the locality of the game. You should ensure you regularly standstill for up to five minutes. After tracing your game, always follow them behind and avoid projecting ahead of them.

2. Patience pays.

Patience is a vital virtue for every hunter. While trailing a wounded game, always be patient. Sometimes the game is hurt but not lying on the ground. Out of excitement, you may give out your position, allowing the game to run away from you. Give it time even if the animal fell immediately below your feet. Games like the whitetail deer are hard to get even when injured, thus waiting for them to get weak may pay off in the end.

3. Loosen your feet and hands.

Spotting an animal to be hunted takes time, thus in most cases, you get tired. You should stay warm and loosen your hands and feet to let blood flow smoothly. You should loosen any tight boots and gloves you are wearing to relax your hands and feet; hence, stay long without getting tired. Relaxation helps you aim correctly. However, keep the body warm and avoid getting cold.

4. Avoid sweating.

Sweating is the worst enemy a hunter will ever encounter in his adventure. Games, especially the deer, can sense odor caused by sweat when you are at a distance away. The moment they feel danger, they will run away even before you take a shot. If you get sweaty, change the shirt immediately. Place the wet shirt in a tightly sealed plastic bag. Therefore, you should have a spare shirt to take care of such an eventuality.

5. Don’t give up on the expedition.

Some hunters, especially new ones, get frustrated and give up the search for the game. In some cases, you will not get the blood trail as you had anticipated; thus, you will have to use other techniques to track it. When the search gets tough, don’t give but continue searching. You may even request fellow hunters to help you trace it because, in most cases, the animal is hiding nearby.

Hunters give up the search mostly in case the animal has gone past the property line. You should knock on the door and get authorization to continue with your search. Some of the neighbors are good enough to aid you with the search on their property.

6. Get used to close shots.

The game may appear typically at a very close range at a time you less expected. Hunters expect to shoot a game some yards away, fifty, hundred, or more, but you might find it just a meter away. You should always be ready for action so that you don’t miss it. In such a case, you wouldn’t even require to use the scope of your firearm.

7. Be creative.

It would be best if you think outside the box whenever you are on your hunting expedition. Locating your prey requires you to be creative. Did you know you can identify turkeys with a crow call? Mooing like cattle also puts wild animals at ease while hunting. Some of these tricks will make your hunting expedition easy and successful.

8. Always mark the direction your game took.

The moment you take your shot, the game will run away from its spot, although injured. It would help if you immediately marked the direction it has taken, whether it has run towards you or away from you. Marking may be done by tagging a tree or bush in the direction it has taken. Keep an eye on the game for as far as you can see it. Once it’s out of your sight, follow the direction it has taken. It would be challenging to follow, but you can look for marks it has left behind. If your game is injured, then there will be traces of blood left on its path. Trail the blood, and you will have the injured animal lying down somewhere, very weak or dead.

9. Tie the front leg forward while dragging the animal.

When you don’t have an ATV with you, you are most likely to drag your catch towards your ATV. It becomes easy if you tie the front legs forward by the head while carrying it. 

10. Don’t hunt in a group.

Successful hunters walk and hunt alone to avoid creating alarming movements. It’s tough to maintain silence when you are in a group of people. It would be best if you are not walking against the wind’s direction for animals not to sense your presence.

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Remember to always carry the best hunting gear with you. What you pack during your hunting trip will be determined by the number of days you will take. Only have the ideal tools and leave the rest as they will only tire you. However, as a hunter, you should always prepare for any eventuality; thus, you should not lack any tool. For instance, it might get dark while hunting, and you will need to have a night vision scope, spotting scope, compact scope in your packing gear. As you prepare, you should have a checklist, including a hunting backpack, hunting knife, flashlight, hunting gloves and boots, hunting bow, GPS tracker, rope and tactical belt, saw, mini sleeping bag, and water bottle. Don’t forget to check out the Bradley Hunting & Fishing tips & tricks straight from the outdoor lifestyle pros!

Written By Chris From Hunting Locator!