5 Easy Tips for Hunting in the Rain

Hunting in the rain can be miserable, so it is no surprise that most hunters call it quits when bad weather rolls in. What they do not realize however is the great hunting that they could be missing out on. Light or regular rain rarely will disrupt a deer’s usual pattern and routine, so hunting in the rain could afford you the opportunities you have been waiting for while everyone else is back at camp! Here are 5 Easy Tips for Hunting in the Rain!

Here are five tips for hunting in the rain to help you find more success and stay motivated out in the woods!

5 Easy Tips for Hunting in the Rain

Use the Rain to Hide Noise

When you are walking to a deer stand or stalking in on a deer, it is important to move as quietly as possible in order to prevent alerting any nearby deer. This is is especially important if your stand is set up in popular deer areas such as a food source or active bedding area.

This is where rain can help you tremendously, as even light rain can dampen the ground and make your footsteps virtually silent. If it is still raining, the sound of the rain hitting the ground and the trees can help mask any noises you might accidentally make while walking or even sitting in your stand. 

Rain Also Masks Scent

Just like with the noise, rain can help hide and diminish your scent presence in the deer woods. You can use this to your advantage by not having to worry as much about the scent, and hunting a certain area that you might not have otherwise hunted because of a bad wind direction for fear of getting smelled. 

Bring the Proper Gear

If you are going to be hunting in the rain, you will obviously need to bring the right rain gear. It can get much colder during the rain, so bring plenty of warm clothes. You will also need a quality pair of waterproof boots and some quality rain gear to ensure that you stay plenty dry while out in the woods. Without the right gear, it might be a very miserable day out in the woods while wet and shivering!

Be Prepared for the Conditions

Nothing can ruin a hunt quicker than things like coming under prepared, so make a plan for things like a successful hunt or getting your truck stuck in the mud. The better prepared you are, the more likely you will have much more fun hunting in the rain and not be stressing out about the additional challenges it might present. 

The following video is explained by a hunting expert on how to hunt deer in the rain. All essential tips & tricks to make your next hunting adventure safe and enjoyable!:

Focus on the Hunt, Not the Conditions

Hunting in the rain can be a challenge, but it also comes with so many advantages that it makes it well worth the effort. Don’t forget that the hunt is all about challenging yourself and your abilities, and learning to adapt to the challenges that come along. Learning to be successful in the rain will make you a better hunter on the perfect days!

Final Thoughts

And that was our 5 Easy Tips for Hunting in the Rain! Most hunters dismiss the thought of ever hunting in the rain, and never realize the true potential that it could hold in helping them to fill their tag. The next time you see a storm heading your way and you are thinking about skipping a hunt, you might want to reconsider! Please don’t forget to check out the Bradley Smoker Blog for more cool hunting and fishing tips and tricks all year round!