Get Cranking: How to Get the Most Out of Your Crankbaits

Crankbaits are easily one of the most popular and most fun fishing baits to use. Seeing an expert angler work a crankbait is almost magical, and the effectiveness is shown in the amount of fish that they catch.

But using a crankbait effectively is not as easy as some make it look, so here are some tips to get the most out of your crankbaits!

1. Choose the Right Crankbait for the Conditions

The time of year and the environmental conditions have more to do with lure selection more than anything. Water clarity is a big one, and when the water is murky or muddy, try throwing crankbaits that cause more movement and vibrations in the water. When it comes to diving depths, choose a crankbait that dives to the depths that the fish are hanging out at. 

Wide selection of crankbaits!

2. Stick with Basic Colors

In addition to design, the color of the crankbait is important as well. Some colors just seem to work anywhere you go, and in any conditions, so do not over complicate it. Some popular bass fishing crankbait patterns include any shad patterns, chartreuse, crawfish patterns, and grey with white side patterns.

3. Slow Down or Speed Up Your Retrieval

When retrieving a crankbait, many beginners make the mistake of just throwing it out and bringing it right back in. While this can work, in order to catch more fish, you must be aware of what your lure is doing and how to use this to your advantage. Doing things like slowing down or speeding up your retrieval can control the depth at which your lure is focusing on, and you can even try giving it pauses or jerks in order to appear more lifelike. 

4. Maximize the Depth

Pairing your crankbait with the right line size is very important in order to get your lure to its maximum depth. 10-pound test line is the usual standard, and always remember that the longer the cast, the more potential your crankbait has of diving deeper in the water. Figuring out the proper depth that the fish are at will allow you to get the most out of your crankbait. 

5. Find the Right Area and Stick with It

One of the best things about crankbaits is its ability to cover a lot of water quickly. You can throw it out and cover large areas of water until you get a strike, and then hone in on where the fish are at. Once you find the right area, stick with what is working, and use the crankbait to slow down and target that particular spot!

Final Thoughts

Crankbaits are easily one of the most versatile lures in your tackle box, especially if you follow some of these simple tips to get the most out of them. With a few good crankbaits in your arsenal, the possibilities are endless and you can start to catch way more fish in no time!

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