6 Extremely Easy Steps to Fix a Reel

Do you know how to fix your fishing reel if it breaks down on you in the middle of your next trip? If you don’t, we have you covered! Here are 6 extremely easy steps to fix a fishing reel should you ever need to do it on the go!

1. Disassemble Your Reel

The first step is to completely disassemble your reel. Depending on the type of reel, it will have different parts, but most should have a spool, drag, and reel handle. Keep all the parts that you take off the reel in an area where they will not get lost. Arrange them in a line to remember in what order you took them off, that way you can assemble in the same order. 

Parts of a spinning reel.

2. Inspect the Parts

As you are taking apart your fishing reel, take the time to inspect each part to try and identify the source of your problem. While most reels are very durable, something as simple as a dirty or worn out part can cause the entire thing to malfunction. 

6 Extremely Easy Steps to Fix a Reel

3. Replace and/or Repair Parts

At this point, repair or replace any of the components that you need to in order to get your fishing reel working again.

Whether it is gears, yokes, or the clutch, there are many different moving pieces in fishing reels and each one plays an important part in making it work properly. 

4. Add Grease

While the reel is disassembled, apply some grease under the teeth of all of the gears. This will ensure they stay smooth and working properly, especially after putting the reel back together, and will ensure plenty of longevity. A healthy amount of grease will also help to keep water out of all of the mechanical components, helping them function properly.

5. Reassemble the Reel

To reassemble your fishing reel, take the same parts, and put them back in the reverse order of how you took them off. If it makes it easier, try numbering the parts when taking them off so that you can more easily follow the reverse steps to put everything back together. If you do happen to get confused, there are usually manufacturers’ manuals and guides for reels that can help you. 

6. Swap the Leader

The last part should include replacing any worn out or old lines from a reel and replace them with a new one. Be careful to not overfill or under fill the spool, and ensure the entire thing is properly oiled. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, 6 Extremely Easy Steps to Fix a Reel! While every reel is different, these are the six basic steps that one must take in order to perform a routine repair or maintenance check on your fishing reel. While most fishing reels can withstand a lot, every now and then something will go wrong and you must try and repair it. Follow these steps and you will become a pro at fishing reel repair in no time!

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