Get Yourself Hooked on Fly Fishing with Hoppers This Year!

It is easy to see why trout fishermen love to use hoppers. The fish love to eat hoppers and will often go into feeding frenzies when hoppers are found in the water. This usually happens from mid-July to mid-August, depending on the area. Get Yourself Hooked on Fly Fishing with Hoppers This Year!

If you are new to fly fishing, you will find that a hopper pattern can be your best friend during the long summer months. If you try one at the end of your line, here are a few simple tips to help you catch more trout with hoppers!

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Always Be Ready

Many times you will get a hit as soon as a hopper hits the water. Be ready and expect a strike as soon as you cast. Even if you don’t get one, a strike could still come very quickly so stay ready as soon as your hopper hits the water.

Size, Color, and Pattern Matter

The actual material of your hopper doesn’t actually matter, but the size, color, and the general pattern do. Trout see colors differently than people, and there are times when color seems to matter more than other times. Bring a few different colors and sizes so you can key in on what the fish prefer to strike.

Use a Fly as a Dropper

Many anglers will rarely use a hopper by itself. Many will tie on some extra material and tie on another fly, such as an ant or beetle pattern, to the end to use as a dropper. This gives the trout another option in case they aren’t hitting the hopper, and seems to give more attention to the hopper on the days that they are. 

Make Plenty of Movement

You do not need to make the perfect, delicate cast when using a hopper. With these patterns, you can let it hit the water much harder than usual. You are trying to imitate a hopper falling into the water, and not one making a smooth landing. When it is floating down the river, give it the occasional twitch or make it skate across a small section of water. This gives it the appearance of trying to escape, sometimes enticing a big strike from nearby fish. 

Find the Right Time of Day

The prime time of the day to fish with a hopper is usually mid to late morning or the early afternoon. The warm sun is usually what gets hoppers moving, so if you are fishing in the early morning or late afternoon, you might want to try a different pattern that will better resemble another natural species. 

Get Yourself Hooked on Fly Fishing with Hoppers This Year!

Final Thoughts

There you have it! This is how you can Get Yourself Hooked on Fly Fishing with Hoppers This Year! These are just some of the basic tips when using hoppers on the end of your fly fishing line, and will help you to see much more success while out on the water. Whatever you end up doing this summer, try to find a day or two to get out on some water that has hoppers nearby and try some hopper fishing. It is extremely addicting and a lot of fun!

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