The Most Effective Methods to Catch Walleye

Many anglers across the United States and Canada are familiar with walleye. And chances are, if you have ever gone walleye fishing, you know just how special these fish are. But while the walleye may be one of the most prized fish in the areas where it lives, it can also be one of the most challenging. Read on to understand how to use the most effective methods to catch walleye!

Walleyes are known for being more of a finicky fish but do not worry. With a little bit of research, you can be pulling in walleyes every single time you hit the water!

Learning Where to Fish

Knowing exactly where to fish is one of the most important aspects of fishing for any species. Fishing for walleye is no exception. In order to successfully catch these amazing fish, you must be fishing where walleyes are hanging out!

Learning more about the fish you are pursuing is the best way to learn where they should be living. Study things like:

  • Preferred Habitat
  • Feeding Preferences
  • Seasonal Patterns
  • Habits and Characteristics

By understanding these fish, you will have a much better idea of where they should be whenever you head out to catch them. You can’t catch fish that aren’t there, so this step is critical in successfully catching walleyes!

Happy angler holds angry walleye in the boat on the river

Lures and Bait

Once you dial in on where the fish are, you must use the right tool for the job. Most anglers will use either some live bait or artificial lures in order to catch walleye, and sometimes even a combination of both. The right lure or bait will also depend on the time of year and the depths at which the fish are living. 

Popular lures include:

  • Trolling Lures
  • Deep-diving Crank Baits
  • Spoons
  • Plastic Worms

Live bait can also be used, and many anglers will use things such as:

  • Minnows
  • Nightcrawlers
  • Leeches

Depending on the time of year and your style and method of fishing, any one of these different baits and lures can be used in order to successfully catch a limit of walleyes. Figure out what is working best in your area and for the particular time of year, and give it a try!

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Final Thoughts

Understanding walleyes could easily be considered the key to catching them. Once you have figured out their movements and habits, you can select the right pieces of gear and fishing tackle to target them. Combine all of these together, and you are on the right path to effectively and successfully catching these fish.

Walleye are generally a difficult fish to catch, and many anglers may spend most of their lives trying to catch that trophy fish of a lifetime. If your first efforts at catching some walleye don’t pan out, don’t give up hope!

Try switching up things like your presentation, method, lure, or location. After you finally catch that first fish, you will be addicted and it will start to become easier and easier!

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