Pike Fishing 101: How to Catch Monster Fish

Pike Fishing 101- How to Catch Monster Fish

Everywhere they live, northern pike are top predators in their ecosystems. They are always hungry, hard fighters, and can grow to some impressive sizes. Because of this, fishing for northern pike is one of the most action-packed and exciting fishing that you can find in colder lakes.

So how do you catch a big pike? Whether you are new to pike fishing or just want to up your game, here is a quick overview of a few different things you can do to catch these apex predators!

1.  Cover as Much Ground (or Water) as Possible

Whether you are fishing from shore or in a boat, you will want to look for pike everywhere you possibly can. Because pike are very aggressive, you should know really quickly if there is a fish in the area or not. If you have tried fishing for a while with no luck, try a new area!

2.  Fish in the Grass

Northern pike are predatory fish and like to hide in thick cover or around structure in order to conceal themselves from their prey. Their long body shapes and big mouths make them perfectly suited to finding and chasing down prey in thick, weedy locations. Find some grass or thick weeds in the waters you are fishing, and chances are there will be a pike or two nearby!

3.  Use Big Lures

Pike are not picky eaters, and often times their eyes are bigger than their stomachs. Do not be afraid of using big tackle and even bigger lures. The bigger the lure, the easier it is to see for the fish and the more noise it will make, attracting the pike from longer distances. 

4.  Good Leaders are Important

When fishing for northern pike, it is important to always use a solid leader, such as one made out of steel or heavy fluorocarbon line. Pike have giant mouths full of razor-sharp teeth and they will easily be able to cut your line without one. Always make sure you have a quality leader on your line so they can’t use their sharp teeth against you. 

5.  Be Persistent

Fishing for pike is a game of patience. There just isn’t as many pike in an area than the other fish that might be there, so finding one might take a little more time than other species you fish for. Don’t give up, as you never know when you will get that giant at the end of your fishing line!

Final Thoughts

Northern pike are amazing fish that often go underappreciated by many anglers. Not only are they tough, but they put up a great fight and are a blast to catch. If you are wanting to change up your usual fishing, then targeting some big pike would be a great choice and might even give you yet another fishing addiction!