Deer Hunting Treestand Placement Tips and Tricks

Deer Hunting Treestand Placement Tips and Tricks

Finding the best place to hang your treestand may seem like a simple task, but when it comes down to it this process can actually be a little challenging. Hanging a stand in the right location could easily mean the difference between getting a shot at the buck of a lifetime or going home emptyhanded. There are, however, a few simple tips to help you in the process of finding the perfect location for your treestand! 

1.  Find a Place with Cover

When hunting deer, you must find a spot for your treestand where they cannot easily spot you. Whitetail deer have great eyesight, and can quickly catch any movement around them. A successful bowhunter will place their treestand up against some limbs, leaves, and other nearby trees in order to break up their outline and not be a giant silhouette up in the sky. 

2.  Find a Big Enough Tree

When hanging a treestand, you must find a tree that is big and strong enough to support your weight. Most hunters will recommend a tree that is at least 14 to 18 inches in diameter so that the tree strong enough to hang a stand and wide enough to sit against. You should also be sure to place your stand in a living tree, as dead trees can be dangerous and not near as strong.

3.  Hang Your Stand Up High Enough

While you may not be a big fan of heights, you will still need to ensure that you hang your treestand up high enough in order to hide properly. The cover is the most important, but the less cover you have around you, the higher up your treestand should sit. Try to get high enough off of the ground to remain hidden from any deer that may come into your setup, but never go over 25 feet high either. Most good deer spots will have a “sweet spot” within the trees that is the perfect height that provides the best cover. 

4.  Hang Your Stand with the Sun at Your Back

This is a simple tip that is often overlooked. When setting up a treestand, choose a spot where you will have the sun at your back. If you expect to mostly hunt an area in the mornings, hang your stand facing west so that the rising sun will not be in your eyes. Likewise, if you plan on hunting a spot in the afternoon, face your stand to the east. If the area you are hunting could be potentially hunted during the morning AND the afternoon, then try facing your stand towards the north or south.

5.  Don’t Overthink It

There is rarely a “perfect” tree that will have every single thing that you are looking for when it comes to hanging a treestand, so try to not overthink it too much. Find the best possible candidate in the area you want to hunt and hang your stand. Don’t forget your treestand safety and start hunting!