5 Beginner Bowhunting Tips

5 Beginner Bowhunting Tips

Bowhunting can be quite the challenge, even for the most experienced hunters. But the difficulty makes it even more rewarding. To get started into bowhunting, or to just improve your skills, here are 5 great tips on bowhunting in order to hone your skills and fully prepare you for the adventure ahead!

1.    Find a Mentor

Before you head out to hunt by yourself, it would be a good idea to find someone more experienced to tag along with. They will be able to teach you things that you can never can just by reading or watching videos and can put you leaps and bounds above someone who does not have anyone to learn from.

2.    Choose the Right Bow

Not all bows are made for everyone. They are all a little different, designed to suit a wide array of body shapes, sizes, and preferences. Your bow should fit your body by its:

  • Draw length
  • Draw weight
  • Weight

Take into consideration these things, as well as what your budget is. Then start to shop around and test out as many bows as you can until you find the right fit. There are also minimum hunting weight limits in most places to be able to hunt with a bow, so carefully review any state and local regulations. Choose the right bow for what you intend to use it for!

3.    Review and Know Where to Aim at an Animal

Every animal has a certain area on their body where their vital organs are located, and this is what you should be aiming for. If you are not sure where this area is at, look up images on the internet that have them outlined and shows you where to aim. Make sure you review this area on your intended game animal, as you do not want to risk just wounding an animal and want to make a quick, ethical kill. This actually brings us to our next tip!

4.    Only Take Ethical Shots

When bowhunting, you should only take a shot when an animal is broadside, meaning it is completely sideways compared to you. You should also never take a shot while an animal is moving. This will help you make the most ethical shot as possible, and avoid just wounding an animal. If you miss the vital organs, the animal may not die and you will never recover it. Or it may die many hours or days later, unrecoverable because of how far it will travel. 

5.    Have Patience

Patience is the name of the game when it comes to bowhunting, and not just while you are hunting. Have patience with yourself and the process of becoming a better bowhunter. You will no doubt make mistakes, but this should not discourage you.

These are just a few of the many tips that will help you to better your skills and become a better bowhunter. Bowhunting is one of the most rewarding challenges there is, and once you get the basics down you will really start to see your success grow!