Hunting Map of the US: your year guide

In the United States, the traditions of hunting and pursuing game run deep. Across the country, there never seems to be an end to game animals in season, and when one season closes another opens. This means ample opportunity to get out and hunt, but where should you go? We have compiled a quick list of some of the best places to hunt across the nation, and what states you should seriously be looking at!

Spring Seasons: Turkey and Black Bear Hunting

Springtime usually means one thing: plenty of turkey and bear hunting! There are many states and regions that offer both turkey and black bear hunting. Some top turkey hunting destinations include Texas, Florida, Nebraska, Kansas, and Ohio. This is just the tip of the iceberg, however, as turkeys are found in every single state in the country except Alaska. No matter where you are, there are turkeys to hunt in the spring! Most states will have seasons starting sometime in March or April and go until May or June. 

Many states also offer springtime black bear hunting. Black bears can be found as far south as Mexico and as far north as Alaska. Some of the best black bear hunting states include Arizona, Pennsylvania, Alaska, California, Colorado, Montana, and Idaho. The largest populations of bears live in the western United States, but there are also plenty on the eastern side as well. The middle of the country does not have many bears, so you will have to head to one side of the country or the other to get some great black bear hunting!

Summer Seasons: Wild Hogs and Blacktail

There isn’t much to hunt during the summer, and many hunters will resort to fishing in order to keep themselves busy. One thing you can hunt year-round, however, are wild hogs. Most states that have wild hogs do not have any seasons or harvest limits on them as they are considered a nuisance. Some of the best states for wild hog hunting include Florida, California, Oklahoma, and the king of them all, Texas.

Another species that you can hunt starting in July is blacktail deer in California. These seasons open much earlier than any other deer seasons in the country, and many hunters enjoy chasing around these smaller versions of mule deer. 

Fall and Winter Seasons: Deer, Elk, Antelope, and Everything Else

The fall is the busiest season by far. Archery deer (both whitetail and mule deer) start around August or September in almost every state in the lower 48. Archery elk also will start around the same time, with September being the most popular time to hunt archery hunt elk during the rut.

General hunts for deer, elk, and antelope will go on throughout the fall, as well as other species such as bear, buffalo, bighorn sheep, and mountain lion.

Some of the best states for elk hunting include Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. Mule deer states include many of the same, with Utah and Nevada also being great places to produce trophy deer. Antelope hunting is super popular in Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, but Wyoming remains the king of antelope hunting.


No matter where you are at or what time of year it is, there is always something to hunt!

And don’t forget to check for the regulations and licenses needed. As it varies for different states worth doing your research to be compliant.