Hunting Map of Canada: Your Year Guide

Hunting Map of Canada- your year guide

Canada is a great place to hunt, and there are plenty of species to pursue throughout the year. Whether you live in Canada or not, there is something for everyone. So, there’s a good chance there is something that interests you. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular species to hunt across the country, and when you can hunt them!

Spring: Turkey and Bear Hunting Hotspots

Turkeys and bears are the two most popular species to hunt during the spring. Turkey season will generally start in March or April and run until May or June. Bear seasons run around the same time period and it is a great time to catch a bear with a full, beautiful coat. 

You can find turkeys in many provinces in Canada, including Quebec, British Colombia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. It is possible to find black bears throughout the entire country, while the biggest numbers of grizzlies are in British Colombia.

Summertime Hunting

There is not much hunting to do in Canada during the Summer. However, you can catch the tail end of black bear season in June, and the very beginning of dall sheep season in July. Besides that, most hunters take this off-season as a chance to prepare for the busy Fall season starting in August!

Fall and Winter Seasons

Starting in August, many big game species open to hunting. Canada is home to caribou, dall, stone, and rocky mountain bighorn sheep, moose, bear, deer, elk, and wolf. August and September are the most popular times for hunters from all around the world to travel to remote parts of the country. There they can search for trophy game such as sheep, moose, and caribou. As these species live in very cold regions, these two months offer the best time of year to kill them.

You can find Dall sheep and stone sheep in the Northwest Territories and British Colombia. On the other hand, it’s possible to find Rocky Mountain bighorn in Alberta and British Colombia. But if you’re looking for moose, it’s easy to find them in every region in Canada, from the Alaskan border to the very eastern tip of Newfoundland. 

Elk and deer are in good numbers in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba. Seasons vary among them, but September continues to be the most popular for elk and deer hunting. It usually lasts for a couple of months depending on what weapon is in season (archery, rifle, or muzzle loader). Heading west, you can find some amazing elk hunting in western Alberta, and British Colombia. Both of these species are very popular and offer some great opportunities for hunters. The most popular and widespread animal in Canada, the black bear, can be found in every region of the country. Besides that, there is also has a Fall season before they hibernate for the long Winter.


Canada is a hunter’s paradise and has a large variety of game animals to hunt at almost all times of the year. No matter what time of year it is, there is probably something interesting for you to hunt!

And don’t forget to check for the regulations and licenses needed. As it varies for different provinces, it’s worth doing your research to be compliant.