Trout Fishing: Where to Find the Fish

Trout are not only a very popular sport fish species, but they are widely found across the country in just about anybody of water that provides good habitat for them. This type of water includes:

  • Cool, clean water
  • Plenty of food, such as insects, minnows, or crawfish
  • Shelter and protection

Trout are most often found in two types of locations: still waters such as lakes and ponds, and moving waters, like streams and rivers. Finding where the fish are hiding in both types of water is different and catching them will require different tactics as well. 

Lakes and Streams

When trying to find hiding trout in still waters like lakes and ponds, keep in mind that trout like to slowly cruise around in search for food, but will not venture too far away from cover that gives them protection from predators. Some of this includes:

  • Aquatic vegetation
  • Logs, stumps, rocks or other structures in the water
  • Deepwater

Another great place to find trout in a still water body of water is any stream inlets where water flows into the lake. This brings a good supply of freshwater and food for fish and they love to congregate around them. 

Streams and Rivers

When looking for trout in moving water, fish like to hold up in one spot and wait for the currents to bring food straight to them. They also tend to stay in areas that give them plenty of rest from the current. Some likely places to find trout in a river or stream include:

  • Directly behind rocks or structures
  • Near steep or undercut banks
  • Deep or slow pools of water

Many rivers and streams are best fished in the spring and in the fall when the water temperatures are cooler, and trout are more active. In the warmer months, look for fish near faster-moving water where it stays cooler and the currents and rapids keep the water reoxygenated. During colder months, trout will most likely be found closer to banks and deep pools where they do not have to expend as much energy.

When to Fish for Trout

The most popular times of year to go out trout fishing in spring and summer. After a long cold winter, trout in both lakes and rivers are much more active as the increasing temperatures heat up the water.

For anglers who want to maximize their time on the water and catch as many fish as possible, fishing at first light in the morning and at last light in the evening will produce a lot more action. Trout, no matter the weather, are most active at these times of the day and will be much more prone to attacking a lure or bait. 


Trout are a great species of fish to pursue and live in a wide variety of different places. Figuring out their hiding places in the water will help any angler catch a lot more fish and make a trout fishing trip even more enjoyable!