All you need to know about Wild Hog Hunting in the United States

All you need to know about Wild Hog Hunting - Thumbnail

Thinking of Wild Hog Hunting this year? Wild hogs’ numbers continue to grow across the United States and expand into states that they have never been before. In Texas alone, the wild hog population sits at more than 2 million animals. That’s a lot of pigs!

In fact, no matter what state you may live in, you are within a day’s drive of some great wild hog hunting. With so many animals to pursue, and very liberal seasons, there is no reason why you can’t get out and add some pig hunting into your yearly hunting season!

Choosing when and your style while hunting Hogs

Much like deer, hogs are best hunted at first and last light. While they prefer cover, they often don’t hesitate to venture into open farm fields in search of their next meal. This gives hunters three great options to pursue them:

  • Spot and stalk.
  • Stand hunting
  • And dog hunting.

Each method comes with its own set of advantages and challenges and can be effectively used to harvest some wild hogs. For hunters who want more of a challenge, spot and stalk will provide you the ability to work on your stealth and stalking skills. Others may opt to hunt with dogs, and while you will definitely need a guide if you are unfamiliar with this method, it can be quite exciting. Stand hunting usually proves to be the most popular, as hogs are always hungry and willing to venture into farm fields or bait piles looking for an easy meal.

The best States in the US to hunt Hogs

While there are wild hogs in the majority of the country, there are a few states that seem to stand out from the rest when it comes to quality hog hunting. As we mentioned before, Texas is home to millions of hogs, and its estimated that this state contains half of all the hogs found in America. Second only to Texas is Florida, where the hogs have learned to adapt and thrive in the warm climate.

More popular options include California, North Carolina, and Tennessee, all home to giant populations of hogs and ample hunting opportunities.

Hog hunting season and popular time of the year

Another great thing about hog hunting are the open season dates. While the rules and regulations differ from state to state, most places offer hog hunting year-round and unlimited bag limits. This means you can hunt them whenever you want, and harvest as many as you want as well.

For example, in Texas there are no bag limits and the wild hog season is open year-round. The same is true in California, where the season lasts from June 30 to July 1 of the next year and there are no daily bag limits or quotas. In Florida, wild hog hunting is usually only closed during the spring turkey season, usually for a couple of weeks in April and May.

The most popular time of year for most hog hunters is the springtime, as most other hunting seasons are closed, and the weather is still cool enough to keep hogs active all day long. No matter when you decide to hunt them, staying patient and quiet will no doubt result in making sure you get plenty of shooting opportunities.

Wild hog hunting tricks and tips

Wild hog hunting can usually be relatively easy, but there are a few basic tips that will help you be successful:

Tracking: learning how to track hogs and knowing what sign they leave can help you find them and let you know where to focus your hunting efforts.

Calls: Using calls can get their attention and bring them to you, as wild hogs are notoriously aggressive animals.

The best time: Lastly, hunting at night (where legal) can help you find more animals as wild hogs love being out at night, and are much more active.

Do you have wild hogs in your area? Are you wanting to get out and hunt but don’t want to wait until deer season? Wild hog hunting can be a great way to not only enjoy the outdoors but sharpen your hunting skills for other game as well. Not to mention all of the great-tasting meat that goes along with harvesting a wild hog!