The NEW Bradley Backyard BBQ

Blue grill on a backyard deck

With regards to meat, I am either smoking it or grilling it. It does not matter what the weather is like outside, I always try to take my meat out to the back deck, toss it in the smoker, or throw it on the grill.

Hearing that Bradley Smoker had come out with a new line of BBQ grills, was like music for my ears. It didn’t take me long to go and give their Bradley Blue Backyard Grill a test drive. Here are the results. 

A Nice and Solid Built Grill on the Budget

This is their budget grill but you really wouldn’t know it. Nicely and solidly built, it does not feel anywhere near as flimsy as some others in this price range. Furthermore, the design is sharp with a colour combination of black and deep blue. The blue on the doors and lid look really sharp and stand out on the deck.

2015-10-26 11.02.0SMALL6

Construction of the grill was actually quite simple. Most of the complex portions, such as the burners, come already assembled for you. The manual gave clear instructions and it was possible to build the entire grill in under two hours. Granted, I have built many grills in the past, but at no point was I lost or confused.

A Fair Combination of Looks and Performance

The look and design of a grill are fine and all, but what really matters is the performance, and this one shines in that department. The four burners heat up the 459 square inches of surface grilling area, with an additional 162 square inch upper rack. You can control each burner individually, and it also features a side burner for heating up a pot or a frying pan. 

2015-10-27 1SMALL4.02.53

To give this grill a test drive, I decided to make some Chipotle Lime Chicken Fajitas. I fired up the grill using the electronic ignition and set the burner dials to medium high. With the lid closed, the heat came up pretty quickly and I waited until the temperature gauge had it reading close to 500 F. Lifting the lid, it was possible to verify how even the heat seemed across the grilling surface area. A  lot of entry level grills I had tested in the past struggled to hold their temperature or have hot zones in different areas. This grill seemed to have nice even heat all over and there did not seem to be any hot zones.

Bradley Grill

I threw on some chipotle seasoned chicken breasts and a cast iron skillet of onions and peppers. You can just love the grill grates! The cast iron holds the heat really well and the porcelain coating ensures that meat does not stick too much, making it easy to clean. The chicken grilled up well, the veggies fried up nicely and the fajitas were delicious! The test run with chicken breasts was a success and I was quite pleased with this grill. Next up is steaks!

By Steve Cylka