How To Smoke Prime Rib

With Christmas just around the corner, families are making plans to get together and prime rib is flying off store shelves. Prime rib is one of those classic holiday meals that gets a lot of attention because it feeds a large group and it’s downright delicious.

We want to give you some pointers on how to smoke prime rib. If you’ve never tried food smoking before, don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s not as difficult as many think. In fact, with our Electric Smokers you can set it and forget it. Our smokers do the work for you while you shoot skeet or play games around the fire!

Smoked Prime Rib

First thing’s first. Find a good butcher. A good butcher will cut off the bones, wrap the bones back on and tie it all up beautifully.

There are all kinds of ways to prepare prime rib for the smoking. However, one simple method is to start by basting a generous amount of Worcestershire sauce all over the meat.

After that, sprinkle your favorite steak seasoning all over, both top and bottom. Cover the meat and set it out until it reaches room temperature. Whenever you are slow smoking bigger portions of meat, it’s crucial that both inside and out are not only thawed, but at room temperature. This allows the meat to be cooked evenly throughout, and it will save you a headache later on.

Apple or Mesquite Bisquettes Go Well with Prime Ribs

In the mean time, warm up your Bradley Smoker to about 270°F and get your wood bisquettes going. We recommend using Apple or Mesquite wood chips for prime rib, but you certainly aren’t limited to just those!

We recommend using a good quality meat thermometer to monitor the inside temperature of the meat. When checking the meat temperature, insert the probe into the middle of the meat, so that the device can measure the core temperature of the meat.

This is a low, slow cooking process that will take most of the afternoon. Therefore, you should begin smoking no later than 11 am for dinner. The smoking process will take somewhere between 6-7 hours. When the meat has reached an internal temperature of 138°F then it’s done.

Try Your Hand at Smoking a Prime Rib

The outside of the prime rib will be blackened from the smoke. However, as soon as you cut into the meat, your mouth will begin to water like you’ve never felt before.

Smoked prime rib is incredibly juicy and flavourful! Combine that with the outer crust, and you’ll experience why prime rib is such a popular dish this time of year!

Try your hand at smoking prime rib this year and discover what makes food smoking such an enjoyable experience. When you serve up smoked prime rib to your friends or family, they will make you feel like the best chef around.

Bradley Smoker wishes you all a joyous, smoky holiday season!