Food Smoking History In A Nutshell

Before the miraculous modern era and the advent of electricity, there were no refrigerators or deep freezers. There were no electronic contraptions known as food smokers or gas grills, or microwave ovens. There were smokehouses!

Food smoking is one of the oldest methods used to cook and preserve meat. Not only has the art of meat smoking withstood the test of time, but it remains ever prevalent in our day, when old fashioned practices are unpopular and abandoned at large. Let’s be clear, food smoking isn’t going anywhere. Why?

  • The art has been perfected for thousands of years
  • It’s easier than ever before to create your own smoked delicacies

How It All Began

Early man learned that smoke would cure meat and help it last longer, so that they could have sustenance during seasons of cold and drought. Smoke is a natural byproduct of cooking over a fire, so it’s pretty safe to assume that, wherever man cooked with fire, food smoking was used. The practice of food smoking may very well be as old as the invention of fire itself. Food smoking is a widespread preservation method that has been, and continues to be, used all over the world.

Why They Used Smoke

Smoke preserves meat by dehydrating it and curing it through its unique chemical properties. Not only does smoke preserve, but it imparts a special flavour to the meat that makes it even more desirable.


Smokehouses were buildings used by either families or entire communities to cure and store meat and fish. Due to smoke emanations and fire hazards, the food smoking process was usually conducted apart from the house. These smokehouses were sealed and secured to prevent animals and thieves from entering. It is still possible to find smokehouses in some rural areas of the U.S.

What Has Changed?

Food smoking isn’t done so much for food preservation, but to impart that delicious smoky flavour. It’s what makes smoked meats and fish such a delicacy in homes and restaurants. People will never stop desiring smoked food. It’s just too good! Nor will they stop desiring dried meat like jerky. It’s just too convenient!

Modern technology allows us to smoke food quicker and easier than ever before. Bradley’s digital smokers does it all for you! With electronic controls, a variety of smoker chips and briquettes that are ready to go, and an assortment of rubs and glazes that are already concocted, even those with little barbecue experience can do remarkably well.

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