Delicious Smoked Diver Scallops Video

This week on the Bradley Smoked Food Recipes Video Series, Ted Reader explains how to smoke Smoked Diver Scallops. Ted walks us through step-by-step on how to smoke these little scallops to perfection.  He calls these plump Diver Scallops one of the most delicious things he’s ever tasted

About Ted Reader

Ted was awarded two prestigious awards for his cookbook, Napoleon’s Everyday Gourmet Grilling – Best Barbecue Book by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards and it also won the Cordon d’ Or – Gold Ribbon BBQ Cookbook Culinary Academy Award in the 2008 Awards Program. Then in 2009, Ted took home Best Barbecue Book at the Gourmand Cookbook Awards for Napoleon’s Everyday Gourmet Plank Grilling. On May 6th, 2010 he cooked the largest hamburger weighing in at 590 lbs, a huge accomplishment for his career. In addition, this year, Ted won Best BBQ Book at the Gourmand Cookbook Awards for Napoleon’s Everyday Gourmet Burgers.

How to smoke Smoked Diver Scallops

Start off with Diver Scallops, bacon, crab meat, and halibut. Wrap the scallop with bacon, balance the crab meat on top.  Take the halibut and put it on top of all that.  Then, inject the scallops with melted butter mixed with Tennesse Whiskey.  Inject it till it squirt a little bit out. Then a little bit of BBQ seasoning on top. However, keep in mind that you don’t need a lot.  

Time to Heat up the Smoker

Then you’ll want to put it in the smoker! You’ll want to cook the brisket at 260 Degrees for 45 min, with Whiskey Oak bisquettes in your Bradley Smoker.  Ted loves his backyard party  with his easy-to-use the Bradley Smoker.  I love how he says it’s a “mouthful of happiness”. Keep it delicious! See the video below for a step by step video instruction on how to smoke Smoked Diver Scallops: