Smoking Homemade European Style Sausages

Olin Miklik today shows us everything there is to smoking homemade European style sausages. Action begins by choosing whatever smoking bisquette flavour that you like. Next comes a metal bowl with water to add a little moisture to the air.

After setting the temperature to 400 F, there’s no much left to do. Just let it smoke for 8 hours. However, half way through the process, it’s necessary to turn everything around and put sausages on different shelves. This allows a more evenly smoked European sausage.

Pure Satisfaction

Also, this is the time to take out the metal bowl with the water, fill it up and put it back in. It should be half gone by then. Try different variations with this, as I don’t know exactly what he starts and stops with.

What I love in the video is that he shows the smoke coming out the top. This is also one of my favorite things to do, just smell the nice flavour coming out the top!

 After 8 hours he takes out the smoked sausages and takes them inside.  I can’t help but laugh, when I see the smile on his face! Pure satisfaction when he brings them in and when he eats them. See the video below!