Smoking Fish with Dan Hernandez from Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing with Dan Hernandez is a weekly fishing TV program, seen in millions of homes every week.

Dan’s website is You can go online and watch everything that he catches on his weekly fishing adventures TV program.

Dan with Bradley Smoker

This week Sport Fishing with Dan puts the Bradley Smoker to the test. There he prepares the latest fish he caught last week. Talking the whole time about how easy it is to smoke fish with the Bradley meat Smoker , he give some important hints. First, always smoke fish with the skin on. Also, make sure that you oil the trays before you start. The recommended temperature is 220 F for 3 hours. Then set it to smoke for half the time or 1 hour and 40 min.

Dan with Sport Fishing using Bradley Smoker

Good basic rule of thumb is to smoke your fish for half the amount of time that you’ll be cooking it in the smoker. As you can see in the video below, he makes a very nice looking smoked tuna. Besides showing online how to do all different types of sauces to make it taste even better!  Special thanks to Sport Fishing and Dan Hernandez for using the Bradley Smoker!